University of Louisville's third annual hackathon! February 10-11 in the Engineering Garage.

9:00am - Registration begins

11:00am - Opening Ceremony

11:30am - Team building event

12:00pm - Hacking begins!

12:30pm - Lunch sponsored by Texas Roadhouse

1:30pm - Workshop #1 by KFC

2:30pm - Workshop #2 by Crowd Pixie

4:00pm - Workshop #3 by UPS

5:00pm - Workshop #4 by Kindred Healthcare

6:00pm - Dinner

7:30pm - Hardware Relay Race mini event

8:30pm - Cup Stacking mini event with MLH

10:00pm - Family Feud mini event

11:30pm - Mario Sprint mini event

12:00am - Midnight snack

1:30am - ?????

6:00am - Morning yoga

7:00am - Breakfast

11:00am - Workshop #5, by DH staff

11:30am - Projects to be submitted to Devpost

12:00pm - Hacking ends!/Lunch sponsored by KFC

1:00pm - Judging begins

2:30pm - Closing Ceremony/Awards


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High school and university students with valid school and/or government-issued ID.


Please submit projects on Devpost by 11:30am.


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Cullen Hacker

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Shayne Hemminger

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Achievement
    How much expertise was involved in the creation of your project? Did you learn any new skills or programming languages in the process? For first time hackers, how much did you know coming into this hackathon versus now?
  • Functionality
    Does it work? Every time? Is it useful? To everyone or a specific demographic?
  • Creativity
    How original is your hack? For reference, check out this list of the most common projects done at hackathons: